9th February 2021 Blog


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#1 Introduce yourself 

My name is David Droux, I have been driving since 2019 with Esteban. We made a first discovery season in P3 in ELMS and then we made a new season last year which went rather well with the third place in the championship which was part of the objectives of Esteban before seeing the continuation. This year he decided to enter WEC. I'm going to be a reserve driver with him.


#2 What were your beginnings in motorsports? 

My beginnings in motorsport were also karting like Norman and Loïc. I started karting in Vuiteboeuf in Switzerland, my dad took me there. I liked it a lot, I insisted on getting involved in this sport and gradually I climbed up the ladder until I arrived in LMP3 in ELMS for a few years now. 


#3 Why did you choose endurance?

The choice of endurance was made rather quickly in my career because the single-seater is asking for big budgets with finally few opportunities until F1. 


#4 What motivates you in this new season with Realteam?

I have always liked to share my experiences and the emotions that the race brings with other drivers especially when the cohesion is good. So finally I have really enjoyed it since the five years that I have done in endurance racing so it is really a place and a category that I like.


#5 How do you imagine this season 2021?

I wish a lot of success to the crew that is in place, I will try to help where I can bring my experience. It's true that I'm helping Esteban on the simulator in Switzerland. And try to contribute a little bit to the success that there can be and follow carefully what will happen. 


#6 What's your favourite circuit?  

My favorite circuit is the Redbull Ring in Austria, which returns to the ELMS calendar this year.


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